Updated Mar. 30, 2018

Aleppo Pine Blight

Aleppo Pine Blight is particularly severe in the Phoenix valley this year.
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Symptoms usually occur in the upper part of the tree in December, but damage is done months earlier in the hot dry summer. Needles turn grey then brown but continue to cling to plump healthy branches until normal seasonal needle drop in the summer. Twigs and branches may die. Water-soaked cankers can appear on branches, which may split. Other diseases organisms may invade, but are not the cause of the blight. Sun-exposed sides are most affected.


Thought to be induced by day and night temperature extremes on tender, actively growing sections of the trees, or to drought stress.


Maintaining good watering practices and nitrogen fertilization may prevent Aleppo Pine Blight. Moderately affected trees will recover and have normal refoliation in the spring. Injury tends to reoccur on severely damaged trees. Permanent damage is possible.

Aleppo Pine Blight

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