Frequently Asked Questions

When should I trim my trees?
How much should I trim?
I don’t think my tree was trimmed right last time. Can you help?
When should I feed it? How much?
When and how much water do I give it?

The first answer to most of these questions is, it depends.

However, with a little more information from you about your trees and what you want, we can actually give you an exact answer to what you and your trees need.

Some trees can pretty much be trimmed all year round, while others should be done in cooler temperatures. It also depends on what is most important to you. Health? Aesthetics? Safety?

For example:

Major pruning on citrus should be done in cooler temperatures while mesquite and palo verde can be pruned throughout the year.

All trees benefit from feeding, but certain species like queen palms need more manganese while others may not. And what about probiotics, the more important issue?

Feel free to contact our office to have a Certified Arborist put together a custom plan that fits exact what you and your trees need!