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About Monsoon Tree Prep


Inclement weather from summer storms like rain, lightning, and high winds can stress your trees from their root systems to their branches. Proper preventative maintenance can reduce damage to your trees and property, maximizing the safety of individuals and structures.

Three factors come into play when we’re preparing your trees for severe weather:

  1. Tree canopy density
  2. Branch strength
  3. Root system health

Here are a few things to watch out for:

Dead Wood/Cracks
Dead wood is brittle and can’t bend or give under pressure. Cracks indicate potential branch failure and sooner or later splitting. As a proactive step, Trees For Needs will prune to prevent further cracking. Pruning removes dead branches that can easily break, causing damage to the tree and surrounding landscapes.

Hollow cavities are a sign of structural weakness. A tree with strong, healthy wood is more likely to survive destructive, stormy weather. Trees For Needs can remove trees that will be hazardous during inclement weather.

Overly Dense Foliage
To storm-proof trees, Trees For Needs can perform trimming to thin the tree, reducing wind resistance and the force that can damage branches or the trunk of the tree. If your trees are thick, they are more susceptible to damage in heavy winds.

During the monsoon season, overly dense foliage poses a safety hazard. A dense canopy won’t allow the wind to pass through, and this can cause branch breaks or possibly even bring down the entire tree. Careful evaluation is needed to determine which branches may need to be removed or reinforced.

No matter what the weather, we want your trees to be at their best. You can learn more about preparing your trees for the monsoon season by contacting a Trees For Needs ISA Certified Arborist.


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