How much will monsoon cost you this season?

Monsoon Season

When: July - September

Characterized by: Dust, high winds, and heavy rain resulting in flash flooding. During monsoon, Arizona experiences more severe weather than most states.

How Monsoon Affects Your Landscape: With monsoon season comes downed limbs and debris, and entire felled trees, often landing on personal property such as homes and cars. Monsoon winds can even inflict damage to old trees with deep roots. Trees that are top-heavy should be thinned out to allow wind to flow freely through the tree. This technique promotes more upright growth and allows interior penetration from the sun to aid in tree health.

How much could this monsoon season cost you? Don’t hire just anyone! Always have your tree work and debris cleanup performed by a ISA Certified Arborist. We will come out and give you a free estimate.

As a reminder, it is more cost-effective to have your tree serviced before Monsoon damage occurs. Let us save your tree from falling or being damaged, rather than calling us to remove it!

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